Veterans Unplugged Audio Archive
Interview with Nick Turse from January 2013
Interview with Harry Targ from December 2012
Interview with Normal Finkelstien from January 2013
"Virtual Town Hall" Interview wiith Noam Chomsky from December 2012
Interview with John Perkins 12-16-12
Interview With David Harvey from November 2012
Interview with Chris Hedges 11-28-12
Interview with Gail Dines
Interview with Robert Jensen 10-17-12
"Virtual Town Hall" Interview with Justice Party 2012 Presidential Candidate Rocky Anderson
6-10-2012. Full program featuring Joe Isobaker and more
6-3-2012. Full program featuring Noam Chomsky
4-15-2012. Full program featuring Professor John Bellamy Foster
4-1-2012. Full program featuring Vince's interview with Professor Collin McGinn, Dr. Timothy Leary, Carl Sagan and more
3-25-12. Full program "The Clip Show"
3-18-2012. Full program featuring Dr. Dahlia Wasfi and Professor Noam Chomsky
3-24-2012. Derrick Jensen. Endgame lecture sponsored by Veterans Unplugged
Full program from 3-11-2012 featuring Garett Reppenhagen and Bernardine Dohrn
Full program from 2-26-2012 featuring Vince's extended conversation with Avital Ronell
2-19-2012. Full program featuring extended interview with Lierre Keith
Full program from 2-12-2012 featuring Simon Critchley
Vince's interview with Dr. Vandana Shiva from 1-29-2012
Vince's 95 minute conversation with Derrick Jensen aired on 1-22-12
1-15-12. Full program featuring hour long interview with Ward Churchill and much more
1-8-2012 full program featuring Christian Parenti, Noam Chomsky, and more
Vince's interview with Frances Fox Piven
Interview with Ward Churchill from 12-11-2011
11-27-2011 Full program that includes 2 interviews from Occupy Philadelphia and one from Occupy Los Angeles
Program from 11-20-2011 featuring Andrew Bacevich and Derek Giffin
Ross Caputi and Michael Hardt Interviews
Vince's interview with Dahr Jamail
10-25-2011 program featuring Vince's media class and his extended interview with Derrick Jensen about Empire
10-18-2011 Featuring Noam Chomsky, Anup Dsai, an article from Paul Street and more
10-11-2011 featuring Dr. Kim Scipes in studio and discussion about Occupy Wall Street
10-4-2011 featuring documentary film maker, activist, Olivier More.
9-27-2011 featuring author, activist, and public intellectual, Paul Street
9-20-2011 featuring Dr. Michael Parenti.
9-13-2011 featuring David Swanson, author, activist, and founder of
9-6-2011 Featuring Co-convener of U.S. Labor Against the War Gene Bruskin
Veterans Unplugged LIVE at 2011 Purdue North Central Veteran's Bash
8-30-2011 featuring an hour and a half long interview with world renowned author, activist, and “philosopher-poet” of the environmental movement, Derrick Jensen
8-23-2011 featuring Iraq Veterans Against the War’s Executive Director Jose Vasquez and IVAW’s Midwest Organizer Maggie Martin
Wounded Warriors Benefit broadcast from Michigan City DAV
8-16-2011 Featuring 2006 Northwest Indiana “Person of the Year,” Mr. Nick Egnatz
8-09-11 Featuring political activist Stephanie Weiner of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression


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